Back in the Gym

started training again after a few years off due to work family and laziness. been training for about 5 months now and making some decent goals are to look good naked and be strong. My current best 1rm are deadlift 190kg bench 100 kg row 90 kg for 6 7 wide grip pull ups and shoulder press 65kg 3rm. I cant squat as a i have hip impingement which makes my form terrible.

Ive just started wsfsb with a few modifications and want to know what you lot think of it.
ME day
decline Bench 3 rm + 2 deload sets
DB bench 4 x 6-10. first set easy 2nd 12rm 3rd and 4th 8rm
BB row 5 x 6-10 first set easy. 2nd 15rm 3/4/5 with 10rm
face pulls 3 x 8-12 straight sets
BB shrugs 3 x 8-12 staright sets
DB curls 3x 6-10 straight sets

Repition day.
chins 3 sets
wg pulldowns 3 x 8-12
rear delt raise 3x8-12
db sh press 3x8-12
arm superset 3 x 8-12
hammer curl
push down

ME legs

Deadlift 5RM with straps on the last few attempts
Quad super set
lunges + leg extensios 3x 8-12
Ham superset
RDL+ lying leg curl

Calf circuit 25 reps each exercise.
one legged raise standing
2 legged raise standing
seated raise

i think it looks pretty sweet but any opinions would be welcome.
going to only train 3 times a week with no cardio for 12 weeks and see how i get on. if theres some interest ill start a log.

WS4SB is built on rotating exercises, especially the max effort exercises. If you’re going to follow this progam, you have to do that. Keeping the same max effort exercises will not be successful.

going to change the exercises every 4 weeks.

i dont know how you can say it wont be succesful. you saying i wont increase my 3rm or 5rm in 12 weeks following this programme.

changing the big exercises every 4 weeks is fine.

Personally I’d drop the reps and increase the weight on your calf work, but in general looks good to me.

I’d also drop the shrugs in favour of lateral raises but that’s just my own personal preference, nothing wrong with the way you’re doing it, just not what I would do.