Back in the Gym...Yay

Hi All, hope everyone is well?

I have one or two threads over in the T Replacement forum…summary of that is, after determining that I am a combination of primary and secondary hypo, I added TRT to my HRT about 2 or 3 months ago. Now that I am dialing the TRT and E2 management in (still have to nail into place, but I am about there), I am in a place where I feel I can get back in to the gym…have not been there in about 11 years, that is when my hormone problems started. But this is not a woe is me post :smile:

I am hoping to use this thread to document progress ito how I perceive myself in the mirror and in the gym.

42 y/o, 120kg’s, 5’11 probably around 25 - 28 % bf (mostly in the trunk). current strength levels very weak due to years of being sedentary and all the other excuses. But I could probably push out 1RM of around 60Kg on the bench, 50Kg on press 100Kg on the dead 50 on the row and 50 on the clean.

I had around 3 years training before I let it go, so you could say that I am starting as a Noob, from scratch. Although, in setting up the gym yesterday and testing things out, muscle memory seems to be okay, will see when the weights are at a decent level.

I am hoping to use 5/3/1 (thanks Jim), so I am not sure if this post is in the correct forum, but my goals are bigger stronger leaner so, hey. Goals at the moment are just to get stronger and feel like a man again. Not to bothered about BF, although that will probably improve just due to the fact that I am moving and lifting again.

This afternoon will be the 1st training session, I am actually looking forward to it, but nervous as well. Here’s to hoping I don’t hurt myself :sweat_smile:

Anyway, I hope to maintain this thread with updates on progress made. Follow along if you like.

I am busy with my 2nd cycle of 5/3/1 BBB and so far so good. I started very light in order to allow my body adapt and not crumble. Volume is relatively low, intensity moderate and fitness is improving. I have already managed to up the cardio by 20%. I plan to add in HIIT 3xweek for the next cycle and see where my adrenals take me. I only had DOMS once, in the very beginning and this let me worry if I was doing enough but the family is already commenting on the changes in physique and I must admit I can see it too, although I might have a biased eye :grin: Only supplement being used is whey powder, after lifting.

Muscles definitely fuller, trunk is a bit smaller all whilst weight has remained steady at 122 Kg’s. Diet has pretty much stayed the same so there is a bit of a body recomposition going on I think. I have not missed any lifts yet, but I will have to make a plan with my squats as I do not have a squat rack so at the moment I am cleaning and pressing the weight into place…will be a problem with higher squat weights…

Luckily, or not, I have to take a break for 10 days after finishing this cycle due to business commitments, but I see it as an opportunity for the body to catch up, rest and recover properly. Meaning I can continue to make progress, whereas in the past after 6 weeks of exercise I would be toast and have to rest for 4 weeks.

Will keep you all updated.

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