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Back in the Gym - Whatcha Think?

I have taken about a month off of lifting for work related issues but I’m back in the gym. Beginning of the summer I was about 212 and I’m about 190 right now, ready to get back up there. Here is a routine I used before with good success, but I will post it and see if anyone has some suggestions in areas that may be lacking. I’m confident that it works, but it’s good to see what other more well informed people may think.


Smith Low Incline Bench–work up to set of 6-8
BB Bench–work up to set of 8-12
BB Curls/EZ Curls (rotating)–RP 15-30
Smith Reverse Wide Grip Press–work up to set of 8-12


BB Front Squats–work up to set of 4-8
Back Squat Widowmaker
BB RDL’s–work up to set of 8-12
Double Crunches
Hanging Leg raises


High Incline Smith Press–work up to set of 8-12
Standing Side Raises–work up to set of 8-12
Rack Pull-ups–work up to set of 8-12
Kroc Rows–12-20/Rack Pulls–work up to set of 6-8 (rotating)

At what frequency will this be performed? M-W-F, M-T-T-F, M-W-F-S, etc.?


The best way I can lift around my work schedule

Well it looks decent, but if you can lift more days it would be ok. The thing is that you can’t critique a routine BEFORE DOING IT.

I’m a little bit confused. For your Monday routine are you considering your presses the chest/tricep workout? Either I’m blind or your “arm” routine is simply a BB curl. In my opinion I would hardly call that an affective arm routine…

Nevermind…I skipped the “Reverse” on your last bench. My apologies.

Yeah, like meymz said-if you can up your frequency it will most probably increase results-think of it as only 52 chances per year to stimulate and grow vs somewhere between 80 and 90 chances…

yates 3-way…solid program.
Try fit in another chest session Saturday

I’d maybe add a little work on monday, though I know that those sessions can get kind of long with you training 3 muscle groups then. Basically another bi and another tri exercise or so.

And/or if you get the chance to train 4 days, just do whatever session is next in the cycle then. Doesn’t have to be every week, but basically make use of every opportunity.

So you may do

Week 1, hectic schedule
Mon Chest+Arms
Wed Legs+Abs
Thursday Delts, Back

Week 2, you have some time on saturday this week:
Mon Chest+Arms
Wed Legs+Abs
Thur Delts, Back
Sat Chest+Arms

Week 3, hectic schedule again
Mon Legs+Abs (because you started this cycle last week already with chest+arms on saturday)
Wed Delts+Back
Thur Chest+Arms (low volume routine so it should work ok, but if you can get an off-day, use it to avoid overlap)

You get the idea. If you want a new routine to try, hit me up in my training thread…

I definatly understand that concept. Also I’ll try another bi and tri exercise on chest/arms day.