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Back in the Gym at 46

Back to the gym at 46 after 4 years of nothing. I have been getting good gain and strength, but I don’t know how to eat to loose my gut! In the AM do I eat a banana go run, bike or both then eat a high protein high carb after and go about my day with protein and vegetables then in the PM eat a high protien meal lift heavy then after eat high protien high carb then fast through the night?

Welcome dude. Probably a good idea to throw out some info. Height, weight, lifting programs and numbers, all that.

Hello I’m not an expert but I have lost 53kgs since last July so if there is any advice I can give you is to drop the up an goes. And eat something for breakfast, and don’t say you don’t have time. If you don’t have time get up an hour earlier, or prepare it the night before or even make your own shake.
Its a hard road weight loss is such a mental battle I wish you all the best.

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To be honest all the stuff you mentioned is just over complicated crap. The most important thing is your caloric balance for your average person…


I second this. Unless you are trying to max some shit or getting into advanced bodybuilding, calories in vs. calories out should be your main concern.


Ok thanks