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Back in the Gym After About 8 Years...


Joined the gym 6 weeks ago, after about 8 years of only working out for a few months at a time before getting destracted. I started back up on the machines to get used to moving weight again. I've now been on a 3 way split (chest/back, legs, off, shoulders/arms, off, chest/back, legs, off...) for the past 4 weeks. I'm doing 2 barbell or dumbell compounds and 1 assistance per body part each training day (except arms). My final set on each exercise is to failure. I record that and try to beat it each week.

For the past 4 weeks i have. I've also increased my protein intake to about 180 grams/day (i weigh 210 right now). My protein intake prior to 4 months ago was at best 100 grams/day. I'd like to be at 250/day.

this is a pic of me about 6 months ago (in the back of the boat standing up).




Cool, man. Always good to see someone making the effort to get in shape.

Not a lot of detail about your training or diet, so there's not really any advice to offer, but some kind of training and some kind of structured eating is better than none at all, so it's all good. Since you're just getting back into it, all the small and consistent changes will add up without having to get too complicated.

If any questions come up along the way, toss 'em up.