Back in the Game

Hi all,

I’ve had the last 3 months off training because i was a lazy A hole and my diet was crap and have ballooned into a fatty!

I weighed in this morning to find i weigh 218 lbs which is 6 lbs down from my starting weight of 224 two weeks ago. I’ve been training on and off for last 5 years always taking 1 step forward then 1 back therefore never getting anywhere.

I’ve planned a 16 week transformation ending on July 1st. Workout wise i’m going to be doing Dan John’s one lift a day program until my 5/3/1 book arrives which i really enjoyed in the past. Cardio will be tabata bike sprints post workout and 15 mins cycle to work 5 times a week.

My current maxes are:
Bench: 90kg
Squat: 95kg
Deadlift: 160kg
Military press: 65kg

This week’s diet has been a break in week using CBL with 2250 cals and bringing the carbs down to 120g this was hard due to sugar cravings but I’m through that thankfully.

Next week i’m not sure whether to stay with CBL or start anabolic solution diet starting at 2250 cals and go from there adjusting cals up or down until i’m losing between 1.5-2 lbs a week. Suggestions are more than welcome.

I’ll post a couple of pics on Tuesday when i’m back home.

Today was the start of week two and i’m feeling great, although i’m 28 lbs still from goal weight just getting rid of the bloat feels awesome!

So todays diet has been great I’m munching roughly 2250 calories and my macros are 202g protein, 134g carbs and 89g fat. I’m following Jason Ferruggia’s renegade diet which i find fits my life perfectly.

The workout today was Bench Day and i’m following Dan John’s one lift a day so here it is (weight’s in kilos):

Bench Press 6x3
40kg for 3
60kg for 3
80kg for 3
60kg for 3
70kg for 3
85kg for 3

Plank 3x25seconds

Tabata bike sprints
1 minute warm up
4 mins Tabata 20secs sprint:10secs easy
1 minute cool down

All in all a good day and i feel great and tomorrow i will post a pic of my blobby body :slight_smile:

Another day down, Diet was spot on, no problems there.

Workout was good too, should have been bent over row day but decided to do some pull ups and shrugs instead. Will be sticking to the plan in future though at least until my body weight comes down a bit as pull up were shit way down on what i could do at 180 ish pounds body weight.

The workout:

Neutral grip pull ups: as many reps in 10 set with 30 seconds rest in between.

3 reps,3 reps,3 reps,3 reps,2 reps,2 reps,2 reps,1 rep 2 negs,1 rep 2 negs,1 rep 2 negs

Barbell shrugs 5x6


Side planks 3x10 secs e/s

Tabata bike sprints

Good day and good times. Pic tomorrow!


It’s Squat day today so i’m pretty excited my short term goal is to Squat 126kg hopefully by September 1st.

Anyway here’s a pic of how i stand this morning.

Another day done, diet was all good and workout was squat day.


Squat 6x3


All in all felt good, going to finish One lift a day at the end of march and move to 5/3/1, can’t wait.
OLAD has been good at breaking me back into training but that’s about as far as I want to go with the program.

Military press today 6x3


some planks

tabata bike sprints

Workout and diet spot on today to roll on deads tomorrow.

Deadlift day boom!


All good baby, diet spot on and weigh day tomorrow :slight_smile:

Weighed in today and have dropped 2 and 1/4lbs so i’m pretty happy with that obviously.
Will keep everything the same for next week and see how it goes :slight_smile:

Today was Bench day and it was 3x5/3/2. I also did some inverted rows supersetted with planks and one all out set of shrugs. Diet was all good still doing the renegade diet (pretty much CBL).
Got my 5/3/1 book and i am starting that in April which is why i’ve added a bit of volume to the onelift a day workouts. I’ll also be using C Thib diet tips for rest of transformation.

The workout:

Bench 3x5/3/2

Inverted row 4x8 BW

supersetted with

Plank 4x30 seconds

BB shrug 1x20-40
50kgx 25

tabata bike sprints 4 minutes.

Good times

Another day down.


Power clean 6x3

Pull up 4xfail
all BWx3

Kroc row 1x20-40

Windmills 2x3 e/s

Tabata bike sprints 4 mins.

Sorted bed time.

So diet and workout all good again today.

Squat 4x5/3/2/1


Then I did one set of front squats as heavy as I could for 20 reps and same for RDL’s.

Think I could have done maybe another 5kg on the squat but hey I’m not in a rush.

So yesterday was Military press day and I worked up to 65kg for 1 rep, today was deadlift day and I got 160kg for 2 reps which i’m happy with. So I’ve now got all my 1rm’s ready to start 5/3/1 on 1st of April.

Weigh day tomorrow and then a deload week ready for a killer next three months!

So basically my 1RM’s are:

Bench: 90kg
Military: 65kg
Squat: 112.5kg
Deadlift: 165kg

Weighed in this morning, down to 212 lbs now. :slight_smile:

Weigh in 210.25lbs :slight_smile:
Photo next weekend

I’m following similar set up and using Renegade diet and 5/3/1 etc How have you broken down your macros and calories for the week? Thanks.

[quote]armstrongorama wrote:
I’m following similar set up and using Renegade diet and 5/3/1 etc How have you broken down your macros and calories for the week? Thanks.[/quote]

Hi mate sorry for slow reply,
Well i’m down to 205.5lbs now so still going strong.
Calories have stayed pretty levels since starting at 2250 cals no plateau yet, may even start eating more to slow down fat loss if over 2 lbs next Saturday.

I actually followed the renegade diet for first 4 weeks break in and it worked great, at 2250 cals my macros were roughly 200g Pro, 135g Carbs and 90g fat.

I’m now on C thibs transformation diet.
I eat 2250 cals still but my macros are now 214g Pro, 21g carbs and 140g fat with a carb up on sunday.

Only switched as I wasnted something stricter, i’ll go back to renegade after I’ve go to my goal.

Hope this helps?

Progress pic after week 5, last Saturday 06/04/13