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Back in the Game

Hi Guys,

I’ve had the last 3 months off training because i was a lazy A hole and my diet was crap and have ballooned to approx 230 lbs at 6 foot 1!
I will weigh in on Saturday morning to find exact weight. I’ve been training on and off for last 5 years always taking 1 step forward then 1 back therefore never getting anywhere.

I’ve planned a 17 week transformation ending on July 1st. Workout wise i’m going to rotate between Dan John’s one lift a day and HST in blocks of 6 weeks. Also cardio will be tabata bike sprints post workout and 15 mins cycle to work 5 times a week. My lifting stats that i’ve achieved this week while trying to find maxes are:
Bench: 90kg
Dead: 160kg
Military Press: 65kg
Squat: 85kg

This week’s diet has been a break in week using CBL with 2250 cals and bringing the carbs down to 120g this was hard due to sugar cravings but I’m through that thankfully.

Next week i will start anabolic solution diet starting at 2250 cals and go from there adjusting cals up or down until i’m losing between 1.5-2 lbs a week.

So to end i’ll post up my weight on Saturday along with a rather unfortunate pic of how i look at the moment.

Squat more. Your squat is ridiculously low for your weight and other lifts. Bringing it up will help so many things, regardless of your goals (unless you goal is to be weak).

[quote]Silyak wrote:
Squat more. [/quote]

I know mate, I love training legs so it will be no problem.

Weighed in today, Rather happily i weigh 218 lbs. I’ll put pics up on Tuesday morning when i get home.

You should make a log on here–I think there is a special section for that. It may keep you motivated.

I did have a quick look but could only see the diet log bit in the velocity group. Any ideas where to better run this log?

Logs > training logs

also, i don’t think one lift a day will help w/ squatting more.

you should be squatting 3x a week

Yeah i’ve sorted my log out now thanks

Mainly i’m doing the one lift a day (OLAD) just to break back into training as felt really shit and outta shape, you’ll see what i mean when i post a pic tomorrow.

I’m going to do OLAD until end of March and hopefully by then my 5/3/1 book arrives. I worked up to a 140kg max squat at a body weight of 84kg in early 2012 using that so i’m happy to use that method again.

Follow my log if you like, it’s going to be a great transformation :slight_smile:

Just a quick note I did some squatting today and worked up to 112.5kg 1RM, So not as weak as I thought but still a fair way to go.