Back In The Game - Need Help!

Hi everyone, well ill start by telling you abit about myself (I’ll try and not bore you too much!! :slight_smile: ) Well im 19 years old and started doing weights about two years ago but had to stop for around 8 months due to surgery. I used to weigh at 101KG and i managed to cut down to 94KG without doing any cardio and poor diet so i dont think its that bad i know i could have done alot better! Well i want to get back in the game but take it alot more seriously this time, id like to get down to 88-89KG with a good build. But unfortunatley due to me working in IT and awkward hours i wont have access to a gym so i thought id invest in a bench, preacher curl, flat bench, boxing bag to start with. Can i have some peoples opinions on the following equipment please?

Marcy Bench

165KG Rubber Olympic Discs

I already have the boxing bag and the flat bench. Also im strugling on my routine i know this site is full of it but im lacking equipment on some of them will someone be able to push me in the right direction?

Many Thanks!!

I guess clean grip front squats, and deadlifts will be you’re new best friends. Try:

1powerclean to front squat for 3-5 sets of 8 reps (1 powerclean+ 1 squat each set) this will rape your body
Bench press- 3x8
bent over row-3x8
a few isos if you so wish

Deadlift 5x5
Military press 3x8
dips 3x8
wide grip chins 3x10

powerclean to front squat for 3-5x8
Bench press- 3x8
bent over row-3x8
a few isos if you so wish