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Back in the Game, Focused, Will Take Advice


Just got some gear. Was a Div 1 athlete and short pro career, now, 12 years later am finally able to get right again. Have been training for 3 years (semi-focused) to add lean muscle and loose the 25 lbs of fat gained since my ball days. ran test twice and wanna run test with deca now. Have a plan that I came up with after extensive reviewing from those of you who know your stuff.

wk 1-12 400/w sust
wk 1- 10 300/w deca
tamox 40/40/20/20
Clomid 50/50/25/25

anastro as AI .5 eod

I know this pops up alot but this is my first thread and needed a starting point.


This popping up all the time is ok. That is the point of the forums. To allow the sharing of knowledge.

Cycle looks good. I'd go with Test E/C instead of the sust though. I'd also probably do 500 test/400 Deca. More is always better.

What is your current height, weight, bf?


use an AI


Has anastro .5 in his cycle notes


my bad


Walkaway has gotten so used to posting that it is on auto mode haha


I am 5'9" 207, 15%bf. Short and stocky, but my diet and increased cardio has helped me to trim considerably(for me) in the last few months. I cant stop lifting tho. Thats probably part of it. I hate lifting light for cutting.

I am naturally padded with a super slow metabolism, so I have to work extremely hard to trim, thats why I have been waiting to start, I know I need to be at 16% or less.

As to the E/C test instead of sust, I leared that from you guys earlier on another thread, so I guess I failed there, but can I get away with it this time and just do the right thing the next time?



...I will also add this, just returned earlier than expected, from deployment to AFG because of a lower back injury. I have been very careful and cant squat or deadlift right now. lots of rows pulldowns and shrugs for back and no prob with heavy weight on any of the presses. So listing my workouts may be fruitless because I cant do some anchor lifts right now.


Sust is fine. It just requires more frequent pinning because of the short esters that are in it. I personally don't like the blends anyway. I like to use short and long esters for particular purposes. If I want to use 2 or more in a cycle I will decide the amount of each. Anyway, you'll be fine it's just not preferred.


Look into caber or prami as well. I'd personally run the test 4 weeks longer than the deca.


It is a long ester test. 2 weeks should be fine. Everything should clear about the same time.


Good info, thnx, I will definitely go that route on the next run. I've been a little under the weather but plan to start Thursday. I will try to keep good stats and see what you guys think


so I caught a bad throat infection and havent started yeat. lost a week and a half. will get back in the gym tomorrow, but the question is should I start pin tomorrow, using the extra energy and test as extra fuel, or should I wait a week or so to get back in the groove.? I feel good about starting tomorrow, but what is the expert advice?