Back in the Dawg House

Sup gang, been away for a while due to the ways of the white collar life I lead when not being a T-charged superhero in my off hours. Anyway got 3 bottles of Mag-10 ordered(thinking of ordering more), can’t wait.But hears the reason for the post, Just for fun I typed in “Mag-10” into Yahoo’s search engine just to see what it would hit on. It, of course, hit on everyone favorite website, but it also hit on a website forum that i had never seen. I was familiar with the company and even used some of their products years ago, but i did not know the had a forum.(I don’t want to get my boys at T-mag in trouble so lets just say its a sin if you don’t know which company I am talking about.) What amazed me was the amount of mud-slinging and out right degrading of Biotest and its products. And i remeber the statement being made that everthing Biotest does is a knockoff of their products.Some of there “posts” are so scripted its hilarious. DO they expect to get sales this way? Not by my book of marketing etiquette.
Anyway, it pissed me off hearing them bash my favorite company so I thought I would right and see what any on else had to say about it? Oh, and thanks Biotest for providing great supplements and a great informative forum to suport your customers. That expierience pissed me off so much I just ordered 2 bottle of AP, 2 bottles of Androsol, and 3 bottles of Surge. That will show’em!

That “other” company is a joke! What’s sad about that company is no matter how hard they try to plug one of their products, the supplement they are pushing is totally fucked up. For instance, take one of their fat burners that they are no longer selling. It had norephedrine. It also had caffeine, and yohimbine. What was really awesome about this supplement was it had the ingredient that was in T2. I would have purchased a truckload of this stuff because it seemed like a dream come true. But where they fucked up was they had to include sodium usinate in it. What a bunch of dumbasses! Let’s take their protein supplement as another example. They made a product that was similar to Advanced Protein, except these bungholes had to put soy in it. If you are a bodybuilder, could you depend on these guys for a protein product that makes guys grow tits? Now it’s time to bash another of their products. In the past, these guys talked about how they were the first to have thought of the pro-steroid idea. I guess if you are the first to think of the idea, then that means taking an idea “another” company had in mind but later threw it in the trash because it was highly estrogenic. I’m talking about their 5-AD supplement. The only good thing about this company is their colorful pills and tacky designs on their bottles. But even that doesn’t impress me.

They only tackle the one with the ball. In other words, we fully expect attacks from others in the industry. I’ve learned to welcome them. It’s a sign we’re doing something right and the big boys are getting worried. Arnold used to say that he knew he was becoming a success when people he didn’t know starting attacking him. Good attitude.

Oh, you mean ‘Anthrax Infestations’??? Yeah,
nice, errrrr…“forum”. I like how they
say 4-AD-EC is not a powder having never
seen it before (they think it is an “oil”
like a decanoate ester would be). Since I
have used 4-AD-EC, I can tell you it is a
powder. They remind me of a Xerox copy
of Biotest/TMAG. You know whenever you
make a Xerox copy you lose some of the
quality and clarity of the original? Well,
there you go! Brock