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Looking good. Those are really good numbers.

Week 13 Day 1

Squat 425x1 RPE 9.5; 365x3x2 RPE 8-9
Bench press 195,205,215x3 RPE 5-6
RDLs 365x2x10 RPE 7.5
Leg extensions mmini+light x3x10 3 RIR
Weighted situps 45x3x10 2-3 RIR

Had a total wtf was I thinking moment on squats. App suggested a single with 415 as the top set, and I loaded the 4 plates just fine and for some reason I put the 10s on instead of the 5s. I ended up getting the weight just fine, with no stall in the lift along the way, but it was definitely more of a strain than I’d like to have so close to the meet date. Back off sets went well, though the 425 did sap some of my bar speed. All in all, good session and I’m actually feeling pretty good about what I should be able to do next Saturday.


You’ll do well next Saturday. You’re stronger than you think you are, just take it easy.

Week 13 Day 2

Bench press 305x1 RPE 9.5; 260x3x2 RPE 8
Yates rows 185x3x10 2-3 RIR
Face pulls light band x3x10 3 RIR
DB kickbacks 37.5x3x10 2-3 RIR
Concentration curls 37.5x3x10 2 RIR

Been a while since I benched anything with a 3 as the first digit. I called the 305 a 9.5 RPE, but the weight moved nice and smooth after the pause. A 140kg bench (308) seems to be in reach for next Saturday. Rest of the session was pretty low stress. Last day of peak on Friday and move on to taper starting Sunday.


Good going on the bench.

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Week 13 Day 3

3" block pulls 435,455,475,495 RPE 7-8.5
Bench press 265x2x3 RPE 8.5
Squat 365x2x3 RPE 8.5
Good mornings 245x2x8 2 RIR

I figured the last real training session wouldn’t be too bad, but damn, it was actually pretty intense. I’ve always had loads of trouble with block pulls, and typically had about a 10% deficit on the the amount of weight I could handle relative to pulling from the floor. I think all of the paused pulling over the past couple of training cycles has erased it to a significant degree. And the damn app kept upping the weight on me after each set. Bench was solid despite having done it at a relatively high intensity just a couple of days prior. Squat wasn’t that great, and never really feels strong on most Fridays anyhow. Had to take boys to a birthday party so I had to bag a set of squats and good mornings.

Let the taper begin.

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Supplemental session #1

Chin-ups BWx3x10 4 RIR
Leg curls light x3x10 4 RIR
Goblet squat 45x2x10 4 RIR
DB Cuban press 10x2x12 4 RIR
NG pushups BW+mini x2x12 4 RIR
Hammer curls 30x2x12 4 RIR

This actually made me feel better after doing it. Stiff as hell at the beginning, but really loosened up after I was finished. Some super light squat-bench-dead work tomorrow.


Taper Week Day 1

Squat 285x3x3 RPE 6
Bench press 225x4x3 RPE 5-6; 225x5 RPE 7
Deadlift 355x6x1 RPE 5

Another quick session to kick off the taper. Took a nice steady cadence with each set of each lift just to focus on technique. Felt good, albeit in a steamy garage.


Taper Week Day 2

Squat 345x1 RPE 7; 310x4x2 RPE 7
Bench press 270x1 RPE 7.5; 240x3x2 RPE 7
Deadlift 325x5x1 RPE 5

Another quick one. Time is closing in on meet.


Taper Day 3

Squat 275x4x2
Bench 215x5x2
Deadlift 315x5x1
Chin-ups BWx2x8
Band good mornings mega band x2x10
Goblet squats 45x2x10

Weigh-ins are tomorrow morning and might do a super-light session in the afternoon to keep loose.


Good luck. You’re certainly strong enough to do well.

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You trained for it and you’re ready. Defy gravity.

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Thanks everybody. It was a pretty good day that could have been even better had I made some slightly better attempt selections and perhaps warm-up choices, but I’ll take it all things considered.

USPA WV Ritual Classic II Meet Results
Squat 397-418-429x
Bench press 287-298-309x
Deadlift 496-529-540x

Total - 1246 1st place Master 45-49 Raw :1st_place_medal: (only one in division :joy:)

Judging was pretty strict on the squat. One of the side judges red-lighted me the first two attempts because of a “soft” knee. That has never happened to me before in a meet and I think it got in my head a bit on the third because I spent too much time on the third attempt trying to make sure both knees were locked without a doubt. On bench, I decided to go without a hand-off person and it might have cost me a little on the third, but largely that miss occurred because I got a friggin’ hamstring (left leg) cramp after taking the bar out. Ugh. In hindsight, I probably should have jumped to 303 for a 300+ meet bench (vanity, I suppose). I was really hoping the 540 pull would make it, but once it got to about an inch or two below the knee the shakes started to kick in and I just hit a wall.

Overall, a well-run meet that cycled through 60 lifters between 9:30am and 4:00pm in a fairly cramp venue. Plan is to lift in a meet over in VA in November to qualify for 2022 Drug Tested Nationals.


You did good. Sounds like you learned from this meet. You’ll do better next time.

Thanks. I’m not bummed or anything about it and like you said in that post in your thread, I’m coming to grips with what I’m capable of now vs what I could do in the good ol’ days. I do feel good with regards to my training and what I need to work on going forward to get a 1300+ total.

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Good work here. Stay tough.

You’re still in the good old days, but with the addition of a bit of injury risk assessment.


Week 1 Day 1
Hypertrophy block :cold_sweat:

SSB squat 245x8 RPE 6.5 235,240,245x8 RPE 6-6.5
Wide grip bench press 175x2x8 RPE 6
1" deficit DLs 315x2x6 RPE easy
2-board bench press 195x3x5 RPE 5
Leg extensions light band x3x20 4 RIR
Weighted situps 25x3x20 2-3 RIR

Was going to push training off for another day of recuperation, but figured working at light weights would be ok. Aside from some minor soreness in the quads (damn 8-rep squat sets), not feeling any ill effects from it. I have around 5 months until the next meet, so I have plenty of time to play around with lift variations these next several weeks just to try some different stuff, but still use them as a means to bring up some targeted weak points.


Week 1 Day 2

Spoto presses 215x8 RPE 6.5; 205,210x8 RPE 6,6.5
Tempo squat (5-second neg.) 225x2x5 RPE 6
Paused DLs 335,345x5 RPE 6
Goblet squats 45x2x20 RPE 6
Barbell rows 135x3x20 3-4 RIR
DB front raises 15x3x20 3-4 RIR
DB kickbacks 25x3x20 3 RIR
DB curls 25x3x20 3 RIR

Pretty good pump from this one. Got through it in about an hour. Man, tempo squats are hard. Had a touch of soreness from Monday and these certainly made me feel every last bit of it on each rep, haha.


Week 1 Day 3

RDLs 365x6 RPE 6; 355x2x6 RPE 6
Floor presses 195x2x8 RPE 6
High bar squats 250,260x8 RPE 6-6.5
Military press 110x2x6(+1) RPE 7
Good mornings 155x3x15 4 RIR

First time using RDLs as a priority DL variation, but will be going beltless and using the TX power bar to raise the degree of difficulty. Had some serious hamstring pump going by the end after these and the finisher high-rep good mornings. Hopefully this will help me build up this mid- to upper weak point.


Week 2 Day 1

SSB squats 265x8 RPE 7; 250,255,255,260x8 RPE 6-7
Wide-grip bench press 185x8,195x9 RPE 6-7 (accidental rep on 2nd set)
1" Deficit DL 365x2x6 RPE 7
2-board bench 200x3x5 RPE 5-6
Leg extensions light+micro x3x20 2-3 RIR
Weighted sit-ups 35x3x20 2-3 RIR

Shewie, some serious quad burn on the squats today. Haven’t used the wide grip on the bench since the old days with a bench shirt, but I’m going to keep this one in the rotation to see what I can get out of it as assistance. Solid work rest of the way.