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Week 4 Day 2

Bench press 265x4 RPE 9; 235x7x4
High-bar squat 295x4x3
Deadlift 405x5x2
Good mornings 205x4x10 RPE 8
Single-arm pulldowns 75x2x12 RPE 8
Hammer curls 45x2x12 RPE 8
Cable pushdowns 75x2x12 RPE 8

Probably should have gone with 270-275, but ventured on the lighter side and got in four good reps instead. A lot of back-off sets, though, woof. Still a little sore from previous session so the hi-ba and pulls were not fun, but bar moved fast on all the sets. Happy Thanksgiving everybody.

Week 4 Day 3

Reverse band DLs 515x3 RPE 10; 455x6x3
Spoto press 235x6x4
High-bar squats 295x6x4
Bench press 245x4x3

This was a tough one. I targeted 500 for 3 as the top set and it more 8 than 9 on the RPE scale so I went to 515, but then for some reason I didn’t rest long enough. Hoo boy, I was seeing the silver flies. Rest of the session wasn’t too bad, but said fuggit and bagged the assistance work. Deload week is indeed well-timed.