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Back in Business!



I've been of training for a couple of months now, because of work and personnel issues.
Have also been with a physiotherapy for the last month, stretching back, hip and legs.. have a foot which is longer than the other, which made my squats to hurt. But everything should be working now (Y)
Before I've been using SL5x5 got my squat to 100kg, DL 160, Bench 70, OHP 47kg and row to 65kg all 5x5. But I'd like to try a new volume program for a while now.

I'm 180cm / 70Kg / around 18%BF, so my plan now is to eat like a champ, lift like a goat and sleep like a baby
All volume programs I've done before have been like a headless chicken wandering around in the gym, no notes between sessions.
I'm currently using my notepad at phone to start track weights and planning to add weight between each session when I reach the rep range for all sets.

My biggest problem is going to be the nutrition, But I need to get my **** together to make gains out of this.

Is there any training apps, which is easy to set up and keep track / add weights on?
And is there any suppliments which could help me pack some gains on faster?

If any have any ideas of feedback, just spit out :slight_smile:



As far as tracking weights, personally I find a good old pen and paper to work best for me, its easy to bring around the gym without risking damage to say an ipad or something. If you do want to track on some type of app, why not just create a spread sheet ( microsoft excel for example). If nutrition is your biggest issue, download an app like my fitness pal to log all your food and keep track of your macros. Once you see what your diet is like and where you're lacking then you can add supplements like a protein powder to fill any gaps. Before suggesting any supplements, which ones are you currently taking?


I'm Currently using:
Pure Mammut 3kg
Pure Attack
Kreatin monohydrat

Right now I'm taking a scope before training, and 2 scopes after, same with 2 before bed. this I'm doing just to make sure I get enough.
Currently on a "seafood" diet, I see and I eat. But to get this accurate I need to start counting..Still thinking I eat to little.
Will look into that app :slight_smile:


I wouldn't worry about adding any more supplements in. Also remember when tracking your macros to factor in what your body has been doing. What I mean is with this " sea food" diet having you been gaining weight, losing weight or staying the same. Once you know that you'll be able to eat properly with a goal in mind whether it be cutting, bulking or maintaining.


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