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Back Help


i need help with my back im a wide but not real wide. i have a very hard time doing wide grip pull ups. i trian in the westside powerlifting and i was just looking to havea big bench and i know this willl help it out. so any ideals hit me back thanks


Well, bent barbell rows are good for your bench (as I heard). Do close grip pull-ups. They are much better.
Strength, Vlad


If you are stagnating in your back development, you might want to think about doing this:

For one macrocyle (so maybe 4 weeks with an unload week the 5th), switch an upper body pulling variation to your ME exercise. So your ME days might look like this:

Week 1- Bentover Rows
Week 2- Weighted Pullups
Week 3- Bentover Rows
Week 4- Weighted Chin Ups

Usually for pulling variations a 5RM works better than a 1RM, but you might be able to do 3RM stuff depending on how advanced you are. Give that a whirl and see if you can bust through some plateaus.


There are many excelent training programs on this site that could help you out (if you'd be so inclined to search). But if I were to list the top few exercises for a big back I'd say deadlifts, pullups, and rows.


so you want a big bench! This may shock you but then you will have to train your legs, and your back especially. Your body does not like to grow out of proportion to itself, therefore you will make better gains in all areas if you train your whole body. Also if you don't muscle imbalnces can occur, increasing injury risk, this is also bad for posture.


thats is not a shock . i feel as im makeing good gains in the other lifts its just i havea a very hard time with pull ups(may have to do with the weight lol) i do sqaut and deadlift and that should not be what is holded me back