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Back from Upstate NY (Cheap Pops)

Heya T-fam. I just got back from a 6 1/2 hour drive from Geneseo, NY dropping my sis off for her freshman year at college. I wanted to reassure my special friends that I’ve not abandoned you. Now who missed me and why??!?! and no crying.

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Welcome Home, E-Man! You know I’ve always got the Welcome Mat–the one made outta that rubber for Olympic Lifts–with a big T-Freque on it laying out for you. So what’s the good word, bro? I didn’t know you had a lil’ sis? How ‘bout some pics and puttin’ in the good word for a lonely T-Bro…I’m just bustin’ ya!

Geneseo? That’s funny. I went to SUNY Geneseo. If your sister has an experience similar to mine, she’ll be bored to fucking tears for the next 4 years, unless she joins a sorority. I don’t even want to get into that…

T-Timmay, always great to hear from ya, bro. Thanks for the greeting. When the hell are you coming out here so we can create Fight Club “The Musical” and throw it’s ass up on broadway…or at least on some broad. Yeah, MF, she’s at SUNY Geneseo studying Speech and Language Pathology. Today she’s intent on finding the best route to the gym (definitely in the DNA) Timmy if you want to drive up there I’ll set ya up. Lata.

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Are you KIDDING? Of COURSE we missed the “Dennis Miller-ish” grunts and rants of “Testoterone’s” resident (and favorite!) Simian! I saw advertisement’s with Mark Wahlburg, his little red-butted, hairy little Love Freak, and the rest of the “Planet of the Ape” residents and actually broke into TEARS! Where was OUR Orangutan Man? I spent many a sleepleess night with my face in a pitcher of Banana Daquris, watching “Any Which Way But Loose” over and over and over again…and praying each MINUTE that “The Animal Planet” would take me away to that true Heaven on Earth…the Forest Canopy of the Amazon, Borneo and Sumatra…OH, the pain…and my workouts? What a joke!..there was no one to teach me how to do Biceps Curls while I’m in a full split, with one hand behind my back, while my neck is rotated 180 degrees and the fingers of my dominant hand hold the dumbell by the ends…my workouts JUST aren’t the same…NEVER leave us again, Oh Great Hairy One…your Legions are lost without you…!

Muf, I feel responsible for your current volotile and precarious emotional state. Perhaps I should have prepared you for my departure. I now sit here and simply ask that you understand that I shant leave again, or at least not without proper notification of my whereabouts and goings-on. Know that I did not mean to hurt and desert, I’m simply not a playa-hata like that. And by the way, that should be a 176 degree rotation of the neck, you deltard. Pay attention or pray in traction. Lata.

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hey is geneseo anywhere nere utica? i live in MA now but lived there when i was little.

geneseo is about 2 and a half hours from utica, a half hour south of rochester…where did you live in/around utica?? i grew up in Clinton

i actually lived in both utica and new hartford. in utica- its like a mile from the ski lift. theres too many lights in that town! i dunno where exactly in new hartford, i think like 2 miles from where it was in utica