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Back from Two Bad Knees


So, I was assaulted a few months ago which left me with two injured knees. Since then I've trained with only upper body programs, doing rehab work and gaining functionality in my legs.

A week ago I finally got the clear to train legs again, with full intensity, naturally he insisted that I start out slow, but he said if I had the balls to I could without risking anything serious.

You see, I tried to go balls out, being the stupid, ego driven, hormone full sixteen year old I am.

It was, disappointing. I only could pull off 225... twice.

I had a fairly respectable squat not too long ago, around the mid 300's, but that was a big fat ass ago, and barely hitting parallel.

Since then, I've had terrible knee problems (just runs of bad luck) and then this.

So, obviously I've lost strength, but not much considering that I didn't squat that much as it was.

But I digress, the real question. What do I do? I mean, don't say just squat (a few of you are probably writing so right now), I mean, give me a little detailed guidance oh Rhetor. A program, an idea of a system to build back up (which will take a while knowing my luck) just advice and tips.

MY structure isn't that much for squatting, (over six feet and long limbed) and that doesn't help me much, so if you have tips there also, feel free. I take kindly to personal messages if someone wants to vent and flame me for asking this and not searching, but before that, I just want some personal opinions from personal experience.

I also only have 4 days to work out... that is all.


The answer is to squat. You just have to start slow. Use say 135 and try to get as low as you can. Gradually work your way up to your old levels. Mix up the variations, back squats, hack squats, front squats, overhead squats. Do the same with deadlifts. Get all the variations in. Build up your lower back strength. Split the workouts upper/lower and you should be able to hit legs twice a week. If you are taking it easy that should be reasonable for you. I like to hit back squats and romanian deadlifts in one workout, front squats and deadlifts in another. You'll find what works for you.


Well, this is a start... and well, quite reasonable advice. Anyone else, feel free to pitch in.