Back From the Endo

Hey guys…long story short…went to GP back in Aug 2012 and she said My T was low and put me on CYP 1ml once a week…

well i had my Endo. Visit yesterday…went to him 4 months ago with Low T that my GP diagnosed…just wanted a second opinion…and to make sure i didnt have a tumor…and to make sure my GP was not a quack.

When to the Endo 4 months ago,…he told me to stop taking the Cyp. we did a MRI (it was fine)…and come to see him in 3 months…well yesterday he said…you have low T…looks like you need the shots if they were helping you.

so back on the shots!

Endos in general are morons. I’m shocked that you found one that will even agree you need treatment.

from what I have read on here…that’s what i thought!

Hilarious. You should post the rest of your info up. The people here are going to be help you manage your own case since obviously the Endo won’t.

You need LH/FSH labs from when you are not on TRT. I hope that you did not miss that boat twice.

1 ml of what, talk mg’s so we know

Read these stickies:

  • advice for new guys and come back with a lot of info about you
  • protocol for injections
  • many?most guys landing here have iodine deficiencies or other thyroid problems, see ‘thyroid basics’.

This is the right place for you, not steriodology…

I don’t have LH/FSH labs…already started the shots back…

Kman…why is this place better than Steriodology?..what makes it diff?

We are more comprehensive. Read some of the other guys’ threads and see how things flow. We try to identify and deal with underlying issues and root causes, not just treating the symptoms. We are science/fact driven, no bro-science here. The real need is education and its a steep learning curve. Guys are here because they have obviously not totally satisfied with their interactions with the medical community.

KSMan!..I got paper work from my Dr. today…and I do have FSH and LH numbers

FSH 3.4

LH 3.0

Total T is 2.38

so I do have levels before I started T…just started my Shots this week…so where to go from here.

thanks for any input.