Back From The Brink

I thought I’d post a little thank you to T-Nation. My dear friends I’ve had the worst 6 months of my 20 years of existence. There was a pregency with my ex gf, my ex gf being a testosterone vampirilla, failed examinations, a serious fight that left me hospitalised, and horrible depression that almost made me jump of a bridge.

I don’t want to go into too much because its too personal, and prob useless to talk about, but I’ve somehow saved myself. I forgot that sometimes the greatest sin we can commit is forgetting what Kierkagaard said about life, ‘To venture causes anxiety, but not to venture means to lose ourselves’ and also that u have to for a certain extent make your own reality, and not be all ‘poor me, etc’.

I’ve had a lot to deal with over the last 6 months, but recently I got back to training, and I thank the fact that coming to this website one day, and getting my gym clothes made me start to change my life.

I’ve been coming on and off for 4 years, and this has helped me mould myself from a nervous fat weakling, to the charming young man that is studying at a very prestigious british university.

I dunno, there is something about reading the work of TC, (lifes minor irritations, the atomic dog made me go train again) makes me realise that a MAN like me needs to act, to create and to lift f*cking weights.

I would say that congratulations are in order, except for one thing. Are you the father of your ex-girlfriend’s baby? If so, what are your plans? If not, how did you deal with her situation?

The measure of a man is not where he stands in times of convenience, but in times of challenge and controversy.

She had a termination, and she lied to me about being the father of it. She was a nutjob, and very bad for me, I shoulda left a few weeks into the relationship, but I liked the ego trip of a gorgeous girl with a high sex drive. I supported her anyway when I could but she fucked me over too many times.

If you live long enough (and your 20 years isn’t that long, compared to us old timers!), life will have periods where things go great, and periods when things suck. When things are going good - enjoy! When things go poorly, remember that it’s not going to last, and in due time it’ll be over and things will be good again.

Some folks are very good at taking adversity as a challenge, and using it to motivate themselves to work harder.

Anyways, welcome back!

I’m happy to hear you’ve surmounted your problems.

When things get rough in my life, I’ve found the following quotes invaluable and repeat them often to myself:

“I’ve had a lot of problems in my life, most of them never happened.”

-Samuel Longhorn Clemens, bka Mark Twain

“This too shall pass.”

Combined with a few deep breaths and forcing myself to smile, it helps deal with the situation