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Back From Injury, Program?

Well, about 2 months ago I broke my leg in three places. I wasn’t able to lift or eat well for that period of time, so I lost about 30 pounds, seriously.

I can throw the weight back on pretty quick, but my strength is almost completely depleted. My numbers in everything have dropped significantly and I’m still not able to work my legs out. I’m currently doing PT to get them back to where they were, but I can’t do a lot of basic movements until my leg fully heals.

That said can someone suggest a program for me? I don’t know where to start now, I’m weak all over and I just want to get my strength and weight back.


Bummer about the leg… hope it heals up quickly. Where were the breaks? Tibia, fibia, femur? Reason I ask is the location of the break may limit what types of upper body work you can handle.

the most important thing i’d say is to keep doing any PT treatment prescribed! I shattered my ankle; turning my talus 90 degrees and snapping my fibula. I have limited mobility and I wonder if doing more pt prescribed movements could have helped.

anyway, I find the smith machine helps with squats as it can give a greater range of motion while maintaining my balance. machine work, i believe would be good if you can’t put too much pressure on your leg, whereas bench presses, etc. you’ll be driving with them.

if you’re PT keeps up with fitness, they may be able to recommend safer exercises that are more advanced than band stretches or something like that.

I broke my tibula in two places and fibula in one, clean. I had surgery and had a rod and pins put in my left leg.