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Back from Break


Yesterday, I just got back from a 3 week wildland fire training in Montana. During that time, I didnt have any access to any fitness facility so I made due with bw exercises of sorts. I definitely have seen a lost of muscle mass and Im sure strength along with it. My question is, with dealing with a lack of training for an extended period of time, what is the best way to approach getting back?


Lift heavy. You just deloaded.


keep it short sweet n heavy for a couple of seshes. I think Zietzorsky or whatever his name is wrote you'll experience a 10% strength loss every 4 weeks but tbh endurance, the ability to lift heavy multiple times is what goes first with me.

1 working set, call it a day




Ya I was thinking that direction. The only factor is the way my diet was. On scheduled deload, your diet is still in check. I didnt have the ability since I was training from 8 to 6 each day with only 3 square meals so that may cause problems.


Come to think of it, the diet is probably what did you in. Three weeks isn't that incredibly long as far as time off. I didn't even consider that.

Just make sure you don't hurt yourself trying weights you would use before you lost strength.