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Back from Basic!

Well, I finally graduated basic/osut about a week ago, spent from then till now as a holdover, and am currently at Airborne school. I lost 22lbs since July, but a lot of it was muscle and my strength has gone down quite a bit. My run time, pushups, and situps have increased quite a bit though. Back to the weights for the first time in 5 months tonight! Can’t wait to try some Grow bars too.
Any milestone articles that I should read ASAP since July? ~ Later

Way to Go. Airborne all the Way!!! Are you in ground week? Lots of PLFs. One thing that real helped with my exiting form on the 33’ towers was I try to do a jack knife and hold the position. With all that gear on I ended up in a good body position. Also watch out for those riser burns. I did well enough to be an honor graduate nomiee, came in third. The gym over by the strip mall almost across from the threater was okay and then there was the one in the converted classroom at Infantry Hall.
Do you have your follow-up assignment yet?
Best of Luck.

Thanks for the encouragement, it comes in handy while waiting for school to begin. I’m not in ground week yet, our class starts this coming Monday. We’re holdovers until then, just doing random details all day long. Much better than being on Sand Hill anyway! I’ll try the jack knife when I get to tower week, a buddy of mine just got medically dropped from school for hitting one of those burns I believe. I went to the gym near the strip mall last night, I’m right next to it now actually, but I’ll have to check out the one at Infantry Hall too. My follow-up assignment is PCS to Bragg and attend SOPC followed by SFAS - after Christmas. Can’t wait! I know you’re former SF yourself, anything I should know before I get there? Also, what kind of training would you recommend to carry me through Airborne and to SFAS? Thanks again.

“I eat Green Berets for breakfast!” -Arnold
Read this post and made me think of this quote.

haha, yeah, arnold has some great one-liners in ‘Commando.’ my favorite: ‘You know how I told you I was going to kill you last? I lied!’

Since you are going to be doing a lot of endurance type work during airborne, I would stick with something simple and build into it easy. You don’t want to be recycled because you were too sore to preform to standards. Try HST starting with two weeks at 15 reps you may also check out the track and work on your pacing for the two mile run. The airborne shuffle is just to slow for any real training effect. Also work on your sit-ups, you will get to do enough push-ups and knee benders doing the course. And you will get another PT test at the next school. PS - Every army course will run you in and out of the classroom, so don’t take it personal.
As for getting ready for you follow-on course at Bragg. You will have time at the end of the training day to visit the library in Infantry Hall, get a hold of the course training materials and master as much as possible. There use to be some warehouses south of the show jump tower that would give you training materials and course work, if you asked. I am not sure if they are their anymore. Airborne All The Way and Best of Luck.

All joking aside. Let’s give this trooper some help and encouragement. He is doing when there are so many want-to-bes out there you sitting in the warm safe glow of their computer monitor and dreaming of how tough they are. There is only one Airborne school, be you Navy, Air Forces or Marine. In four short weeks Goose will no longer be a “leg”. Best of Luck.

“I guess that depends on your definition of leg.” -----------

Where are you at Stuckinator?

Congrats PFC Goose. I leave for Marine Corps Boot camp in just 11 days. Good luck in all your endeavours.

Good luck and God Bless everyone out there serving the Red, White, and Blue. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again for the advice, we’ve been really busy. It’s true that the runs are too slow to produce any training effect but we sure do run a lot, as you know. First time off the 34’ tower tomorrow, then we have a pass tomorrow night-Sun so I’ll take some of that time to catch up on T-Mag.

Congrats but I would advise you still to focus on functional weight training and edurance training. Rather then lifting heavy etc… Your still going to do a lot of running and jumping in Airbone school. So stick to a 10-15 reps scheme, full body workouts 3 days a week… and focus a lot of attention on you “core” muscle “abs” and lower back.

Glad to hear you are doing so well. Soon in your sleep you will be stomping and saying four more left door.:wink: Then “hit the hole poleman hit the hole” (and that takes on all kinds of meanings):wink: Happy Holidays and Best of Luck.

Bronx you going to parris or MCRD San Diego ??? What’s your RSS and Your MOS???