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Back From a Long Layoff

I haven’t lifted a weight since April, not for any injures, but because of other personal reasons.

I’m not a complete beginner per say, but I guess I could be classified as one. I’ve been lifting for about 2 years, and I’ve done many of the programs on this website, such as CW’s Waterbury Method and his TBT as well as one of Ian King’s programs.

At my heaviest I was 175 lbs., and that’s at 5’8. I know that’s not really that impressive for many on this website, but for a skinny guy who started at 135lbs, it was a huge improvement. Now I’m a measly 146 lbs. at the same height and age 19, and I know that what I have to focus on is EATING and LIFTING. Now, I have the EATING down, but am unsure about what to do about the lifting part.

I need suggestions for a new program to start. Would HS-100 be too intense after such a long layoff? Also, it would be preferable to do a split routine since I’m gonna start doing Tae Kwon Do on tuesdays and thursdays and would like to structure my leg workouts around those days.

Any suggestions?

I think HSS-100 would be fine with your previous experience but id take say two weeks to just go to the gym slowly get back at it start slow and build up a bit instead of jumping from nothing to balls out hss-100 this will help those first weeks a ton in the long run and give the body a sec to say “oh yhea I remember this”

Best of luck get back at it and stay dedicated and consistant or just be average :slight_smile:


thanks phill.

any other program suggestions?

[quote]y00nsk wrote:
thanks phill.

any other program suggestions?[/quote]

I just finished ABBH 1 and I’m pumped as hell about it.