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Back from a 4 Year Break


Hey all,

Finally coming back after 4 long years! Been training for about 6 years and I was 5' 8" 185lbs with ~10% BF before the time off. I am now 31 and ~150lbs with 15% BF. First week back and I am going easy in the gym right now so I don't injury myself. I am about to make a purchase for some supplements. Metabolic Drive low carbs, Surge Rcovery, Superfood, Power Drive, ZMA are on my list. I have some whey protein, creatine, and Flameout (refrigerated) left from an unsuccessful attempt to get back a year ago.

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.



Welcome back!

So will you be training to get buff or something? Is that your primary goal?


Don't quit this time...


Training to get buff or something, I like it and want it printed on a t-shirt.




Welcome back indeed. I had a about a 4 year layoff years ago and when I came back after a buddy opened a gym in my neighborhood, I was all ready to show the guys what it was all about. So we go in and i load the bench with a modest warm up weight (135). My friends are like whoa...maybe that's a bit too much to start. I'm like nah I used to warm up with this easy. So I lay down on the bench, lift it off and FUCK..I could not squeeze out 10 measly reps! And of course the guys give me that "I told ya so" look.

Ok..now to my point. Just try not to do too much too soon. Tack on via tiny increments of weight and volume. And I honestly wouldn't even bother with all those supps right now. You're not going to be taxing your body that much to start off with so I'd save them for when your workouts start becoming more challenging and are in need of enhanced recovery. That's my 2 cents. Good luck.


Except the whey protein... though its hard to consider that a supp right? Its just like food.


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