Back Fried After Cleans

My back has been fried the past 4 or 5 days from cleans. I am having trouble figuring out if it is fried from pulling or catching in a bad position. Either way, I can hardly pull because of the back fatigue. Today’s workout ended after 3 sets of power cleans and 3 sets of full cleans. Could not do high pulls after.

Probably wimpy glute muscles.

My glutes are like the Nano suit in the PC game “Crysis.”
My back pretty much never hurts.


Wierd looking gymnasium that is.

Looks like you’re pulling with your back and not using your legs to lift!! You back should not become that fatigued, especially when lifting off boxes. Post a bid with your lifting off the floor, I would bet you’re starting with your hips too high and not using your legs/hips off the floor.

I think I need to do some glute bridges, lol. Probably a lot more ab work too now that I think about it.

Post a video.

Go back to drilling technique work with lighter loads.

[quote]Swole-is22 wrote:
Post a video.

Go back to drilling technique work with lighter loads.[/quote]

I posted two, look harder.

[quote]Field wrote:
Wierd looking gymnasium that is.[/quote]

My home set up :slight_smile:

Thanks for all of the advice guys, I appreciate it. Definitely using my back too much and need some stronger ass muscles.