Back for Some Help, Only on 75mg Weekly

Name: Rich
Age: 36
Height: 6’2
Weight: 265
Formal education:
Medical professional?: No
Facebook: Nope
YouTube: Nope
Instagram: Nope
Other social media: Off it all
Years on TRT: 3
Years training: on and off for 20 years
Current protocol: 75mg test e weekly
Total and free T: Total 596 (264-916) Don’t have free T yet.
Tell us something about yourself and your knowledge level: Used AAS years ago. Poor knowledge on initial cycle. Never recovered completely. Been battling numerous issued since.

I have been on here years ago. I have some old threads looking for help. I’ve managed over the last few years to make it thru but the struggle is getting old. I understand I am in it for the long haul.

I haven’t trained in probably 4-5 years at this point. My body fat is probably around 40% at this point. I can not keep E2 under control and I am unsure if there are multiple issues going on. I will go on about that to bore everyone.

My Dr only has me on 75mg test E weekly. I am right in the middle of the total range. I am waiting for my free to come back as I just got the test. I feel the dose is to low as I don’t have much of a drive, have a hard time ejaculating at times, feeling depressed and anxious, slow hair growth…etc etc. I understand a few things. I need to loose weight drastically to reduce E2 and it will help. I also am prescribed arimadex 1mg twice weekly. I feel like I am an over responder but with the body fat hoping it will compensate for it. I have played around with the AI and never found that balance. I tried .5 eod, e3d, x2 weekly. I have tried .25 ed, eod, e3d, x2 weekly. I am either to high or to low. My last E2 reading was 11. I have a hard time figuring out if I am high or low. My penile sensitivity varies with levels but rarely is it “normal” for sensitivity. I am going to make some drastic changes to loose weight and help with all of this but I will need some help and feedback to keep me on the path. I am also considering taking DIM to help with the conversion of E but not sure if it is really worth it.

On top of the symptoms I have mentioned, at times can not maintain an erection or reach an orgasm. It fluctuates all the time and it is very frustrating and emasculating. I don’t “feel like a man,” my testicles do not have a heavy or full feeling ever and I miss it. During the years when I have worked out I did not gain much muscle or retain it like I used to. I get that is all hormone based. I took clomid for years until I had my last kid then went TRT 3 years ago. Prior to clomid I dosed myself with test and HCG to try and get me thru (I have past bloodworks). One of my testicles shrunk pretty good on my first cycle and never came back with hcg or pct. I have also tried HPTA restarts.

My goal is to loose 50lbs total dropping me to 220lbs.Also, increase my libido, desire, and refactory period to go 2/3 times per day with possible. If I go once, i can possibly get another but does not happen usually. I would like my mental sharpness and clarity back. I am very emotionally based.

I just got blood work but realized the Dr screwed it up. Here is the current and would like input on what I am missing and will need

Total T
Free T

I need to call a request
Vit D

Anything else?

I also want to add I recently added HCG e3d 500iu’s to help testicle size and boost my levels a little bit more.

Please give me feedback on labs need ( will update results when I get them). T Protocol and AI protocol. Anything else that could be useful I would greatly appreciate.

Thanks everyone for the help again.

Your doctor should target symptoms resolution, within the normal ranges. If you doctor is fixated on the testosterone values alone, then find another doctor.

Meanwhile the number of CAG (cytosine–adenine–guanine triplet) repeats in androgen receptor differs in men and influences the androgen receptor activity. Hence testosterone sensitivity may vary in different individuals.

Treating every man the same isn’t going to fly, because everyone has their own normal ranges which is determined by the number of CAG repeats.

The standard of care for men on TRT is outdated.

Thanks for that article. I agree he should. The problem is no other doctors around here will prescribe me anything. I was contemplating checking out a clinic from Ohio. It was just to expensive for me. Feel like I’m stuck in a bind here.

What is “expensive” for you? You should expect to pay around $150/mo for a private clinic that includes TRT, AI and regular lab work.

Dr. Rob Kominiarek is in Ohio, one of the best. He will focus on everything, not just hormones.

A bit pricey though.

Right now I average 45$ a month. I might have to take that risk and up the price. I want to feel better. Not like I’m 19 again, just better. Not sure if this violates the forms, but is there a place you could recommend or PM me?

I’ll have to keep him as a back up possible depending on his price.

Also, if SHBG comes back high. What is the best treatment? I can’t get proviron prescribed. Boron? I am reviewing old bloodwork and noticed that even when E2 was lower, SHBG was sky high and when E2 was high SHBG was is normal range.

Going to add these labs also


Generally, higher SHBG will necessitate a higher testosterone dose.

Most of the time there’s nothing you can really do about high SHBG, except hammer it down with excess androgens/TRT.

Boron has worked for some men, your chances are slim.

Sure, shoot me an email, it’s in my bio.