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Back Flip Video


Not sure if this has been posted yet. Has any one seen this back flip? It seems he's about 30 feet high, or at least 25 feet high. Man, wish I can do the same.

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Kids, yet another reason not to do drugs!




i find it funny he was wearing a DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) shirt.


Thats absolutely retarded. Had his feet landed 6 inches farther away from the wall, he would have smashed his face into his knees.

But I guess thats besides the fact that had he not landed on his feet, he would have been asking for many broken bones, paralyzation, and possibly even death.

To me, these kids did not look like professionals with supervision. Similar to russian roulette in my opinion.

I guess its entertaining for what its worth though, other than that horrible music they put in the background.


That's not impressive. Some people can do a backflip without needing a 25-30 feet starting height.


Not impressive?!?! Anyone who isn't overweight can do a backflip on flat ground, it's easy if someone shows you how. There's no way I could do that though, that is insane!


He kids, he kids.


Lol, you never know on here. Everyone here is benching an unverified world record, so who knows, maybe they have a backflip world record too?


I just shit myself on behalf of that kid. Pretty amazing. Pretty moronic too.