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Back Feels 'Loose' After DLing


The Problem:

i feel pretty normal during the actual deadlifting, but every time after i deadlift, my ilium area feels "loose." on the other hand, my spine (discs) feel normal. i will feel relatively normal after my training session, but then when i squat after that deadlift session my ilium becomes inflamed and there is pain when i'm squatting.

What Has Helped:

i've gone to the chiro and she's told me i have extremely tight erectors. i don't know why, but that pain in the ilium will disappear every time after i massage them, and then i will be able to squat again pain-free.

What I Am Going to Try to Do:

just massage the hell out of the erectors until they're completely not tight anymore and see if that helps.

do you guys have any advice for me? thanks.


post a vid of the deadlift