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Back Extentions Before Squats


Doing a few back extensions, like a set of 7 or 8 before my Squat warmup / workout aids in my poundages for Squats, anyone else found this / tried it ?

For example I was knocking out 398lbs (4 plates on each side plus bar with Euro 44lb plates and bar), for two sets of 8 then doing a 442 for six, and 464 for three, three weeks running without any variation on legs to see if my strength was consistant. (it was)

Subsequently doing back extensions, I was able to do the 398 for 11 reps, and the next set of 464 I did 5 with some in reserve, etc etc.


I have done back extensions before squats and before deadlifts. I do not believe that they helped me performance wise. I usually do them becuase I have prior lower back problems and I want to get some blood flowing down there to get warmed up and try and reduce the probability of another injury.


I didn't notice that myself, but I do notice that when my back is tight and burning from back extentions, doing deadlifts right afterwards makes the pain go away.

I don't know if it helped my deads or not, but just before doing them I feel like it's going to kill my back, but with the first rep I feel great.


i have never tried it before, but i would assume it would be good for a warm up, but if you started adding bands(like westside), weights, etc, it would prob. take away from your poundages, just playing capt.obvious


I do kettlebell swings before squatting to warm up. I think it helps get more blood in my posterior, thus INCREASING performance. So yeah I think warm movements help a good bit.


I've never tried it, I will next squat day and respond how it helped/impeded my strength. Nice numbers on the squats by the way. 464 for 5...SWEET!!!


I should try this. My lower back always feels tight, and during Leg Days I assume it's the endorphins that make the ache go away once I get into the sets. I want to try some warm-up extensions next time, to see if the back gets loosened and un-achy BEFORE the first set.


If your lower back is tight, maybe you need some abdominal strengthening? Does your pelvis tilt to the rear?


Not to my knowledge; I actually do a lot of abdominal/core work.


Its, more likely blood pumping to the area that soothes the ache, the back extensions really seem to prime the back for heavy squats, but obviously there is a fine line for atually priming the back and fatiguing it.


Something which is detrimental to my Squat performance is tired abs, I get a lot of ab soreness from doing chins/pulls. I have to schedule these workouts with large gaps otherwise it eats into my performance.