Back Extension

Alright so I purchased a back extension about over a year ago. I looked at them both. The 45 degree back extension and the flat one…I bought the flat one and not the 45 degree one. Is there a difference between the two, is the 45degree back extension better? The flat one you can change heights of it so if you set it either lower or higher (the pins) you can feel your back doing most of the work and if you set it on the higher ones you can feel your glutes/hamstring work more. What do you guys thinks? And what do you have?


I’ve been to gyms that have both. I’m not an extreme fan of either one, but that’s just a personal preference. I’d say neither is better, though you’d be less likely to “hyper”-extend (over-arch and come above parallel) with the 45-degree one.

With the flat one, if you can find a way to target your hams and glutes more, I’d say that’s a bonus. Mind you, it’s no substitute for a GHR, but I suppose it would be useful for some variation.

The flat version has more usable range-of-motion. My gym has the 45 degree version, so I make it work.

Alright thanks, Oh and another thing someone over at elitefts, sorry I forget the guy but he’s one of the writing staff said he’d choose a 45 degree back extension (pro) the one you can buy over at elitfts rather than a GHR. He said the back extension made his lower back, glutes and hams strong as hell.