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Back Exhustion?


For the last 3 months i feel something in my lower back/ lower middle back. It's a strange feeling i get after workout usually but sometimes during workout, this happens when doing anything standing or something involving alot of lower back/middle back. Now after my workout i feel a strange feeling in my lower back like something is being released in it, it's a little tingle feeling. I am 21 and never done heavy deads or squats or something that is hard on the lower back.

The first time this happened was i think when i slept bad one night and the next day my back hurt like never before and i had this pain for 10 days. Finally when the pain didn't stop i bought some anti-infammatory gel and got it massaged on me. One thing that the two ppl that massaged me noticed was that my back was tensed and my muscles could not relax. The pain always comes from the middle,basically were my spine is.

One theory is that my muscle tense maybe so that it pressures my spine,but now that 3 months has past and i wear a wheight belt i still get this lower back exhustion with that tingle feeling. This feeling goes away whenever i took a break from training or whenever i don't train but when i do except for chest/Triceps day,the rest of the days it's always with me. But it is now pain,like i can't train or it hurts,it just feels exhusted and then there is this tingly feeling like something is getting released from my lower/lower middle back.
What do you think this is? Nothing serious?has anyone else had this?Also is this a disc issue or something?.


no idea but maybe you should do heavy deadlift and squats. and full range wussy.


Could be spinal lordosis.

How much foam rolling/stretching/soft tissue work/yoga do you do?


[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Could be spinal lordosis.

How much foam rolling/stretching/soft tissue work/yoga do you do? [/quote]

To be honest none. But since it never caused me any pain except when it happened that night when is slept bad and the 10 days that fallowed which i couldn’t bend my back. Nowadays it feelings exhusted and i know that it’s not normal. Is there a cure will it go away or is this on a brink of getting worse?


might not be a bad idea to go to the doctors and get it checked out.


sounds like something is breaking down in your spine, and releasing chemicals aggrevating the surround nerves, i have a similar tingle feeling being released often and mine is due to degerative discs, get it checked out


surely strengthening ur back with deadlifts and squats like jasmincar said is the way forwrd :slight_smile:


Go to the Dr. after getting solid medical advice, determine if you are able to resume your program. I would strongly suggest re-evaluating you bed, sleeping positions. Strengthening your erector spinae muscle should be your priority. It could be muscle imbalance, nerve damage, something out of place etc. When in your position start with the Dr. before something bad happens or you do something to make it even worse.


Thx for the replies, my back routine does never bother me,the only exercises i have in my routine that puts some loading on the spine might be reverse crunches or swiss ball crunches,is injury risk high with these? never thought i would get problems doing crunches.Maybe i should cut them out for a while.


A “tingly” sensation would suggest nerve interference. You should probably get it checked out.