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Back Exercises


I'm starting Dan John's mass made simple program and I'm working out lifts to do for a third day in the gym. I'm using the third day to train muscle groups that aren't really trained in the program and bring up some weak points as well.

I got most of it figured out, but I'm just not sure what type of row to use. Of the main rows (cable, t-bar, chest supported, bentover DB, bentover BB), which would be the best for a primary lift?

I'm not asking which of them is the best type of row, just which would be the best as a primary movement, like military presses vs. front raises.


i would say standing t-bar row or the barbell row. They involve more muscles.


T-Bar's are a definate, or you could do some nautilus Pullovers I guess.


Maybe I should have wrote "primary horizontal pulling exercise" instead of row for primary lift.


Haha fair enough man sorry my bad.

Yeah, I like t-bars, BBROW, Heavy Cable rows held at the end of the pull is pretty good too..


kroc rows.