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Back Exercises


Okay I train a 3 way split every 5 days. I train my shoulders and back together.

Due to some shoulder pain, I've dropped pullups for a while. In place of those I've thrown in Yates rows or rows to the waist or whatever you want to call them. In addition to that, this week I tried out Pendlay rows, plus my usual Rack Pulls. By time I got to Rack Pulls, my lower back was a bit waxed.

Would it be ideal to to Yates rows, rotate Pendlay rows and Rack Pulls, and throw in some BB Shrugs at the end.


sounds like a little too much horizontal pulling.


Try this order, Rack Pull - Yates Row - BB Shrugs - Kroc Rows (heavy high rep DB row) to finish


^^ Not high enough dumbbells for Kroc Rows :frowning: unfortuanately. I'm building a handle so I can do T-bar rows, because I feel that they hit my back great. How can I utilize these exercises to hit all of my back though.

Maybe just Yates, T-bars, and Rack Pulls will suffice?


Do chinups hurt you too? Some people have problems from pullups at some point, because of the angle of the humerus and the torso (in chins they are close to the body).


Use a barbell with one hand like a dumbbell, I workout in my backyard and don't have big dumbbells; works well for me, just have to keep it balanced in my hand.


yeh have you tried altering your grip on vertical pulling exercises...

maybe an underhand or neutral grip would alleviate the problem...

you should also try to fix the root of the shoulder problem...is it posterior pain? or is it an impingement type pain?


Why don't you try switching to a Parallel Grip on the Pullups, you can also go wide or narrow depending on the pain factor.

I suffer from shoulder pain on almost every vertical pulling I do, but when I do them with a Neutral ( parallel ) grip, it eliminates the pain. On supinated pullups I always use a extra wide grip, and on Neutral pullups I prefer to stick to a narrow grip. Both hit the back on differently so it's a nice idea actually.

I wouldn't recommend that you stop doing Vertical Pulling movements, but you can find what works best for you. Try doing some horizontal pulling first, then the vertical pulling last.


I cant really use a parallel grip on the pullup bar. It doesn't allow me to.

Lately I've just been doing Yates rows for my lats, which I actually like. And after that I've tried doing a high rep T-bar row, followed by my rack pulls. Didn't exactly work the best and I'm still trying to find what's gonna work to hit all of my back without draining me.


I feel that Rack Pulls can take care of a lot of my back. If I just throw in some Yates Rows and Shrugs would that take care of the rest pretty good?

EDIT: Also, I forgot to mention, I hit my rear delts REALLY well with face pulls and scarecrows. (I didn't even realize that the rear delts had feelings until I started doing both of these lol)