Back Don't Fit

I enjoy lifting heavy and would love to run a powerlifting program.

In the more popular programs such as sheiko, smolov and korte, there isn’t room for back work or it’s not included other than DL and GM.

Have any tried these programs and added in back work (chins and rows)?

Or have you felt that the back is trained enough with the main lifts?

Korte intrigues me, but adding in chins, rows and maybe presses, seems like overkill.


Back work is considered GPP for Sheiko. You can do it after your main sessions or on a separate day. I prefer the latter.

Wendler’s 5/3/1 has you do a set of pulling in between any set or pressing. I’ve become a pretty big fan of this, I used to have a separate back/bicep day, and I basically didn’t care about it, because it wasn’t “directly” increasing any big lifts. So I would go through the motions, and often skip this day anyways.

Now that I know better (strong back = bigger bench/dead/squat) I think neglecting the back is not a good idea.