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Back Changes... Exactly One Year Apart

These photos are exactly one year apart, both taken post workout, in the same mirror and hopefully same lighting… I have a little better posture in the more recent photo.
If anyone has advice on what areas to focus on and what movements have been effective for their back growth let me know as I’ve recently been focusing on it. Been using mostly DB and BB movements as well as pull downs as part of my program.


What are the back exercises you do the most? It’s hard to say for sure based on how the light is hitting you, but it looks like your lower back could use more thickness. Do you deadlift much? Overall, really good though. Traps look great. I think a rear lat spread is a better indicator of back development. Easier to see everything. This pose is a little awkward. But I know taking a rear lat spread with your own phone is basically impossible, lol.

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Sorry, been crazy busy and meant to get back on here… managed to take a few more shots tonight to maybe give a better idea. I do deadlift once a week, pull ups, rows… I tend to stay away from machines for the most part