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Back Bridging Good?


Ok, not that it really matters AT ALL in her case, as she's just freaking hot and that is freaking crazy and I would love for my girlfriend do be able to do stuff like that, but on a more serious level, isn't that ridiculously bad for your back?

I mean, she'd have to have some insane flexibility in the abs and hip flexors to do that, and that's a good thing, right?

To a degree... But mannnnn that position where she's balancing on two hands with her fucking feet tucked under her shoulders !!!!!!!!!!!! That has got to be bad for you! It's like she's had her spine removed or something...

I really had no idea where to post this question, but I was thinking recently about doing regular back bridges balancing on my hands as a counter to sitting. I've been spending a lot of time sitting at the computer recently, and bridging would seem to be a perfect exercise/position to counter all the tightness and other problems caused by too much sitting.

Then I saw this video and started thinking about other things! Muahaha!

So aside from the hotness, I have a question that I can't really find a good answer for:

Is regular back bridging (balancing on feet/hands or 1 foot/2 hands, etc) bad for you??? Especially in the lumbar area... Or can you use it to get back some length, strength, and endurance for the abs, shoulder girdle, thoracic musculature, butt, forearms, etc??




While she's at an extreme level of flexibility, Back Bridges are a very good exercise for you. Wrestlers and other contact sport types uses them a lot for strengthening the spine and neck as well as increasing flexibility.


Thanks, for posting that...I just wasted 20min. watching umpteen contortionist videos....



First things first: I'm in fucking love.

A hot young contortionist who listens to metal.

Best. Youtube account. Ever.

Back on topic: I do back bridges occasionally, when I'm feeling extra stiff, and they help me tremendously. Not just my back, but my shoulders, glutes, hams, and quads all benefit from the stretch.

I stay away from neck bridges, since doing them can be cringe-inducing, but they have their benefits too.


is it sick I got lift off watching that video?


I would eat it.


Hahahaha glad you all enjoyed that!

Thanks guys!