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Back Bridges better than Beer and Bongs?!?!

Heya Manimals, particularly those of you who have been attempting the ComCon (Combat Conditioning) exercises as of late. I notice that after I do back bridges (I got up to a minute twenty tonight) I experience a really cool high that’s akin, albeit cleaner, to being stoned (usta smoke, now I don’t) Is the explanation in the oxygen influx from the rush of blood to the cranium? If so, I believe that Tyler Durden, one of our Paramount (not the film company) Celluloid T-men was right, when he stated that Oxygen is the most potent drug on Earth. My arm still hurts from f’ing it up doing incline bench presses. Just thought you’d care to know.

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I know exactly what your talking about. it seems it only happens to me when i go for a new personal best. its an awesome feeling.

Once you can hold a bridge for 15 minutes you will see Jesus walking on water

Heya Manimals, Mike I held it for a min and a half today and saw half a gnome. Regarding Jesus, did he wear shoes?

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