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Back at it...

I am looking for any great tips to help this girlie out in regards to nutrition etc. I’ve started back at the gym for the first time in ages and I have been shown some great exercises from CGB. I now need to start focusing on my nutrition so if anyone else has any information to share, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks so much.

First… Welcome!

Second… What are your goals?

Third… What kind of activities do you currently do?

This information will help the T-people help you…


You should PM Cassanova.

Also, send a message to Eric and Timbo. That should get you started off pretty well.

yeah, what BRAD said. Need to be a little more specific.

What routines are you doing?

We’ll help ya out. But FYI…checking out the FAQ section will answer most of your inquiries.

Good luck

To TheSmileCreator:

I wish people would stop using the PM option for their questions regarding training/nutrition. What do you think this board is for? Keep it here, the dialogue may help others.

Holy shit.

Now I look like an idiot because I didn’t teach you anything about nutrition.



Well Craig it’s probably better that she doesn’t get her nutrition advice from you. I think I watched you single handedly empty that slurpee machine that was at Jeff’s house. :wink:


What Patricia said. I think that the PM option - for training and nutrition-related questions, that is - is being overused. You never know when someone else might find your question (and the answer(s), of course) helpful. So don’t be shy.

And what everyone else said about knowing not only your goals, but where you’re at right now.

Thanks for the welcome guys! I thought I was going to get flamed for not being more precise. Oh and CGB, get bent :slight_smile:
I am starting from scratch right now and I am learning that weights are my friends. I’ve only been at it for 6 months, and my strength and body has changed heaps. I, of course have a goal of getting a lot stronger and would like to have my muscles a lot more defined. I’ve got fat I need to loose, and I know I need to loose it by working on my diet. I thought maybe some of you out there would have a few good pointers for a newbie. I will definitely read the prior posts as well. I’ve got a lot to learn. Sometimes it feels a little overwhelming.


Shoot us your stats as well as an example of how you currently eat so that we all can make suggestions and other options.


What Cass asked. But let me add that it would be great if you currently keep a food log, to just add here two entries. One from a week day and the other a weekend (since some tend to eat a bit more and differently on the weekends).

I usually request this from people who ask me to provide advice on their diets.

Thanks Cass and Patricia… CGB got me to start a food log and then I stopped. I’ll start back again and post a week day and then a weekend to show you guys. I know FOR SURE my weekend eating changes. I tend to eat a lot of salads and a lot of grains. I don’t eat many veggies and I know that is a no-no. I just hate the way they taste if they aren’t smothered in something tasty. So having something taste good is important to me.

CGB’sGirl, I think you need to come over earlier on Saturday’s and Sunday’s and get a good start on dinner. That way we’ll have plenty of time to correct any deficiences. I keep the vegetables in the lower right hand drawer. I realize you’ve never opened that drawer due to the rotten odors, but I assure you those are no longer an issue. I like dinner on the table by 5.

Thank you for your offer CGB, but half soggy Bok Choy and 23 month old carrots is not what I had in mind to eat :slight_smile: No wonder I don’t like vegetables. And dinner by 5…not a chance wink

This is just sweet. Its like watching an episode of Full House.

This thread is going to get flamed by someone soon. Bigconan, where art thou?