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Back At It!


I'm finally back in business. I've been working an avg. of 16 hours a day for the past 8 months. Took a toll on me and going to the gym fell by the wayside. I've been on a mission to get my gym time back.

I still did body weight exercises on a regular basis and continued to do DeFranco's Agile 8. My main motivation was my work pc screen saver alternating different quotes by Jim (Thank you Jim!) Just because I was working crazy hours and had no access to a gym or weights is not an excuse to just be lazy LOL! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/231231762091014949/

Well, this week I'm back! Told the boss I was going to quit unless the hours were dialed back and now I'm down to 12 hours. 12 hours is manageable. I can't describe how good it felt to get under the bar again. My strength is down considerably, but my mobility and form are on point! Hit the groove on my squat like I never left! Using all that I learned last year with 5/3/1 and taking my time; no ego here. I my year plan and that's good enough for now.


Glad to be of help - 16 hours a day of work; you must love your job to compromise to even 12. Remember to be honest in what you can commit to as this is a huge downfall for many people. Consistency is the key, not the days/week you train.