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Back At It...


Video taping my form on the squat and want your critique. I do not plan on competing and if I do, I will compete raw. No body suit or knee wraps, so I am not a wide 'PL' squatter.

6'3 @ 195lbs, so I have a lot of work to do...

My stance is slightly past shoulders, feet at 30 - 45 degrees, low bar positioning (snug on rear deltoids). The video mainly focuses on viewing my posterior chain and how I am hitting below parallel.

I want you all to critique my back angle, depth, knee placement, etc. I do shoot my knees out (tough to see in video), so I am not worried about my knees tracking my toes. I am more concerned with my back angle and hitting below parallel.

Thank you for your time.


Definitely a really good squat. No big problems at all, you are definitely getting low enough. However, if It was me I would work on getting my hips just a little bit more forward. I think if you sat back a little less and let your knees come a little bit more forward (just an inch or two) it would do a few things for you. It would let you use your quads a little more, alongside your posterior chain. It would probably let you get depth a little easier, and it would prevent your chest from dipping and you doing a good morning once the weight gets heavy.

Again, the squat looks really good and you could probably make a ton of progress and get really strong with your form just the way it is. But I think that down the line as you keep adding more and more weight, working to get your hips and knees a little more forward will keep you upright, load your quads better, and make sure you keep hitting depth. So that's my advice.


Thank you for replying, sorry I am just getting back to this forum topic now.

In quoting you above, I feel as though the low bar squat would get rid of the fear in performing a 'good morning' once the weight gets heavier, and still maintain the balance through the use of the posterior chain. I have tried to correct the low bar squat with what you prescribed, however, I am finding difficulty in activating a 'hip thrust' when I am ascending out of the hole. I find my hips are not utilized as efficiently when I am getting heavier, and getting my hips/knees more forward. Thoughts?

Great advice though, I definitely feel more quad work, and that has helped in my ability to perform power cleans more efficiently.