Back at It ...Long Story and Read

Hi All,
I have been a reader here on and off since 2004. The last 2 years has been hell for me and my health. Doctors still arnt sure whats wrong, most have given up. Basically I feel like I have the flu, with intense pain in my joints. I’m on Tramadol for pain and an Anti inflammatory, that usually keeps the symptoms at bay as long as I remember to take them on time

During all the tests and medications 2 things happened. I have gone gluten free, because one doctor ran a bunch of blood work and thinks this is the issue. Been gluten free 1.5 years now, and Im still dont feel any different. But if I eat gluten now, I break out in a rash. Thanks doc.

The other issue is, as you can imagine, I have gained a lot of weight. I am 5’11 310, and sporting a 44 waist, and VERY out of shape. Before I got sick I was 220. Ive always had Former Fat boy issues and my weight was always between 210 and 245…then I got sick.

Ive given up thinking I will get better. I cant waste another 2 years hoping things will be good enough. I have decided to take as much control of my life as I can.

2 times in the last 3 months Ive had something get in my way, and I let it. My left foot had a stress fracture. (Great Im so fat I am breaking my own bones)

And now in the same leg I feel like I have water on the knee. Doest hurt, don’t remember any trauma, yet I wont be doing any type of cardio until I get a Dr to check it out.

Now to my point:
In 15 minutes, I am going to my old gym. Today I’m going to stretch, warm up, and just have fun throwing some weights around. I HAVE to start loosing weight. I’m starting now, today this second. I HAVE to start getting strong again. It is amazing how trapped I feel in my own body. I cant live like this anymore, and no one can change it but me. (part of this post is to get me focused and my mind pumped)

So thats the plan for now…but tomorrow…

I am looking for an easy weight lifting routine for the upper body that will get me acclimated to lifitng again. I used to do Chad Waterbury’s Total Body workout, but I think that would kill me/frustrate me and burn me out and I’d end up either quitting or hurting myself. And I cant do lower body till this knee issue is fixed.

Can anyone recommend a modest beginning routine to help me have some structure and so I can measure progress?? Or at least one I can modify around the knee issue?

Thanks in advance

welcome GQ… best wishes on your quest! No advice from me on a starting template…far more people here know far me than I…

I cant say enough about Wendler’s 5/3/1 as a strength program. I am also a big fat guy but a few years older.

I have a little arthritis, and so long as I stay “paleo” or gluten free or whatever, my wrists don’t hurt. your doc was probably right to get you off the grains. except rye whiskey, which is a part of everyone’s healthy breakfast.

I hope you do well. We will give you as much support as you let us.

X2 on the 5/3/1 great program and it can be tailored to as hard or as easy as you need. Best of luck with your quest.

Good Luck and I am a lord wendler disciple as well, I recommend it as well.

Do anything - just do it consistently.

5x5 for your upper body lifts until you can add in the lower body stuff work give a good progression.

Start way lighter than you think you should and get you work capacity up first.

Lastly - get the junk out of your diet. Gluten free probably limits your carbs but take a hard look at the sugar too.

Good luck and keep posting - you’ll get a lot of support in this forum.

Welcome, GQed76. You’ve come to the right place, we have lots of support and advice. Bob Adams is another guy who just started posting here, he’s also trying to lose weight and get into shape.

If you break out in a rash after eating gluten, sounds like avoiding gluten is a smart move. What’s your diet right now?

Ohio State . . . are you in Columbus? Gorgeous city, I have a cousin there. Was thinking of moving there.

It’s no fun being pissed off at your body, but here’s the secret . . . that will give you the strength to keep going.

Just a thought–but i managed to shed a whole load of weight just by going walking , mainly to work and back at first, and gradually reducing the junk in my diet. I am lucky to live only 2 miles from work so thats easy and in a semi rural setting too --so nice walking.

welcome, and good luck.

BigNurse’s comment on starting walking is very smart. People really underrate simple walking for getting into shape.

Keep the weights simple, walk a mile twice a day, or at least work up to that, and clean up the diet, and you will be on your way.