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Back at it After 11 Years


Hey everyone! So after 11 years of not training I’m getting back into it.

I started out when I was 19 power lifting. I absolutely loved it. I went at it for around 3 years. Long story short, after some shotty coaching from a young guy and me not paying enough attention to my form I ended up injuring my back. I tried to get back into training off and on but I always fell into the glory days issue and would injuring myself again.

Now I have a different goal. I want to just get lean and healthy. When I was power lifting I would eat 4,000 calories or more daily. Which helped me now to being 5’11 and 250, man boobs and all.

I have been eating 2100 calories a day, sometimes less, clean. When I say clean I mean no dairy, very little sugar (only sugar I get comes from fruit) and no wheat. I made myself a promise that I would not step foot in a gym until I can do 100 push-ups and 50 pull ups. Do you guys think this is a decent goal? Next year I would like to start running in the spartan races. Do you think I should go the cross-fit route (which I’m not a big fan of) or just go to the gym and work on the main lifts plus running?

Currently I walk 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening. I do push-ups everyday on a scaled plan to get up to 50 in a month. I also do planks which I can go 60 seconds currently and I do negative pull-ups as I can’t get my fat ass up to the bar yet.

Any tips?


While I understand the sentiment behind such goal-setting, I think it’s counterproductive in this situation. You need to get back in the gym sooner rather than later. And while 100 push-ups is probably within reach, 50 pull-ups, frankly, is not even on the horizon. (As an aside: In terms of relative difficulty, I would equate 100 push-ups with 10 pull-ups, not 50.) Unless you truly love push-ups and pull-up negatives, would suggest you let yourself out of this deal and go to the gym.

As for what you should do when you get there: Train in whatever fashion you enjoy the most, be it PLing, BBing, whatever. Don’t pick a style you don’t enjoy (eg, CrossFit), because you’re not going to stick with it in the long run–or if you do, it will be without enthusiasm and effort.

Finally, a tip: Planks suck, especially for guys with midsection fluffiness and bad backs. Do crunches.


I thought 50 pull ups was a bit much too!
Glad you said it.


Thanks for the advice. I will look into the gyms in my area and will start doing crunches. I will plan to start with the base lifts (deadlifts, squats, bench, presses) along with supporting lifts on these and go from there. As for cardio for the run I will find a program for beginner runners. With the right music I don’t mind cardio and I’m pretty motivated to run a spartan race.


Good luck with the ride and well done for getting back on the horse again, you will love it!