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Back at It - 531 Training Log

Starting a log to document recovery from a hamstring tear. I’m useing 531 krypteia. Before tearing my hamstring I was useing training maxes of 405 on squat and deadlift, 265 for bench and 170 for press. Although I haven’t lost a ton of strength in upper body I’m now useing a close grip bench press just where it feels most comfortable on my shoulders and starting light for all lower body lifts. TMs will be bench 225, squat 270, dead 270, press 135.

In addition to agile 8 done before sessions I’m running the two week template in supple leopard for mobility work and will update that as well.

Nutrition will basic, breakfast of 6 eggs and toast, lunch of chicken broccoli and rice and salmon and veg or salad for supper.

I work out at a home gym and currently have a squat stand/ bench 50KBs chin up bar and various jump stretch bands. This means some things will have to be changed slightly to accommodate but shouldn’t take away from the core principles of the program. All that said here was day one

Press-55, 70, 85, 95, 110, 120x5, 95x5x5

All presses felt pretty good. Shoulders felt good which solidifies that I need to keep up the neck and upper back work. Was good with 120 likely for about 12

Sumo deadlift KB-100 5x10
These were quite easy could likely do 12-15 per set with ease

KB front squat-100 5x8 these were a struggle breath wise but could likely get 5x10

Band pull apart-10x10 red band
Neck harness 50 reps w/10 lbs
4 way neck-20 each way

Shoulders felt good with all the upper back and neck work. Always feel like my shoulders are the best the day after some good neck harness work


Felt a bit hungry before starting today but overall not too bad.

Deadlift-135,135,165,195,220,250x5, 195x5x5

The set of 250 wasn’t exactly hard but I noticed I felt some parts of my core collapse. This has been a bit common since tearing the hamstring as the tear was high near the glute. Overall though felt good.

KB OH press-50s 5x8
KB incline row-50s 5x8

Neither was very hard. Being limited by having 50s I will just be trying to add reps here. Would like to eventually hit 5x15 between all sets of deadlifts

Band pull apart red band-10x10
Neck-4 way neck 20 reps