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Back Assistance 4x/Week

I am currently I am running a simple template, but as advised to row/pull something every training day I have begun that. A little sore in the upper back but didn’t know others thoughts on volume or exercise?
Does anyone do anything similar?
BP/Press day comes with 5-6 x 10-20 Row Variation
3 x 8 - 12 press for supplemental
Squat/Deadlift comes with 5-6 x 10-20 chin-ups/pull-up variation
3-5 x 10-15 GM or SSB

Nope, one day I do Barbell Rows and max-effort Kroc Rows. Other days mainly band work, pull-aparts, face-pulls, or whatever. A few curls. (Running Leviathan and this is what fits my schedule.)