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Back Angle on Seated Shoulder Presses


When doing the seated shoulder press(DB or BB) is better to have the back of the seat as upright as possible or have it one or two notches reclined?


I find it easier to get up more weight when it is reclined one notch rather than completely upright. Having it slightly reclined will emphasize the front delts slightly more than the middle, but it probably doesn't matter in the big scheme of things.


Depends on your shoulder health. I have bad left shoulder so I do high-incline smith shoulder presses and I love them.

To me, I absolutely cannot press a weight directly over my head or lift a weight above and behind my head. High incline smith presses work great.


First it depends on what you're question is - i.e. what do u mean by better? Are you talking better for working the shoulder, or better to avoid injury?

If it's the former, then it depends on what portion of the front delt you want to work. While all seating positions on the seated shoulder press wud work the front delt to some extent, diiferent portions will work different portions.
Different ppl will prefer diff angles but I prefer 90degrees with a barbell militry press, but a slight angle with DBs.

As far as which is better, in terms of lumbar support I would reckon 90degrees would be better.




do them standing and if you have shoulder problems try doing them with your plams facing each other. Also keep your elbows underneath you instead of letting them flare out


thanks for the info guys, i tried both ways today at the gym and found that the 90 degree angle worked my front delts more, but i wasnt able to do as much weight.


Well when you want to get more specific different angles will help work one part of a muscle differently.
Such as breaking the quad up into different parts and working them accordingly.

This is not an issue for most but I have found that working at different angles has had different effects on building the front delts.


I have to keep the seat at a 90 or else I'll catch myself scootching my ass to the end of the seat and using my chest to help out. Probably more of a mental thing to remind me to just use my shoulders.

As for limiting movements, I only use DB's. Trying to do anthing behind the neck with a BB is futile for me, prior shoulder surgery on the left and an old AC separation on the right.


The problem with that is that the quads are made up of four muscles, the front delt is just one. How can you break up on muscle?


Yes, the quad is already sub-divided but a lot of ppl wouldnt do diff excercises to work the diff sections.
When it comes to working the front delt, I have found that a mixture of different angles for all excercises work all muscles for the better.
I did not mean that the delt is physically broken up into different muscle sections. However using different angles are in my opinion essential to build a complete front delt.