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Back Angle for Rowing?


Can anybody give me their opinions and form for T-Bar Rows. I recently started doing them and just wondering if they target the lats effectively, have they widened your back or made it more dense? What type of angle do you take during the lift, grip, etc, etc.

Thanks for any help.



ive noticed the last few months that my back has gotten wider with BB bent over rows...you can go heavier on these than T bar rowing imo.

maybe mix them up

also, sorry i couldnt answer your original question but i think my thoughts might help :wink:

good luck


How far forward on the BB rows? And should you feel it in the lower back?


I'm not sure what a T-bar is, is that a bar that attaches to a cable machine?

I bend over as close as possible to a flat angle when I'm doing the bent-over rows. Pick up the bar deadlift style and my knees are slightly bent, my back is at about a 20 degree angle to the ground ideally, maybe more like 30 if I'm doing heavy weight.

I don't think your lower back should be sore the next day, and it definitely shouldn't hurt in the process. Use good form and be sure to SQUEEZE the upper back as you lift and lower the weight. The only way I can imagine the lower back being sore is if you were rowing some SERIOUS weight and picked it up deadlift style.


I used a 50 - 60 degree angle when rowing (have recently switched to dumb bell rows) - my lower back always felt fried - i used up to 120kg for sets of 5. I guess it's inevitable as you're in a static position and trying to stabilise. Then again perhaps my lower back lacks endurance lol.


Mike Robertson probably knows a thing or two about proper form!