Back and Under Armpit Pain

so ive been experincing pain in my under arm region (armpit) and a bit on my ribs near my pecs on the side of my lats, and under the scapula a bit. however all these pains do not come at once one pain may go away and another may occur. ive been expericing these pains for a few days about 4-5. it happened after i did a push-up routine for chest day, doing medicine ball push-ups, flys, dumbbell pullovers, regular push-ups and explosive push-ups. after all of this i had started to experince a soreness in my chest and lats and on my rib cage, i did not think of this of an injury but it has not improved but not really have gotten worse either. Then the next day my back day i didnt get pain in my lats or anything they were just sore to the touch thats it. then on my leg day wenesday, i did lunges for the first time ever with dumbbells( im a one year lifter and not a noobie btw still learning tho)after i did my last set i started to feel a pain in my lower scapula part around my lats which are now sore to touch.

now this pain is random if i do a sitting stretch the pain goes away after my scapula cracks, it goes away for awhile, and it may not be in my lower scapula region sometimes in the lats and all, and sometimes in the ribcage, i kno no one is a doctor and may tell me to go to a doctor but right now im looking for an opinion or some therapy workouts i can do.

tl;dr my lower scapula, lats, and outer ribcage hurt, what is some therapy workouts and stretches i can do to help