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Back and Triceps Genetics?

So i would like to know if you guys think i have good back genetics for bodybuilding, or just an overall good physique.


lets see a front lat spread.


If you see lats from the front you’re doing good.



To know for sure, I would need to see the backs of some of your grandparents.


Thats not a lat spread but ok… to be honest unless you have several years under your belt doing a decent routine with the needed effort . You really cant judge ones potential for certain until that point. Even if some one tells you your lat potential was not say that of Franco Columbu ( before your time look him up) is that going to keep you from trying to improve?

What answer will make you train hardest?


Probably the bad one

Don’t forget your low back and erectors. I don’t really see any type of development around those areas. Having lats and a big back is cool, but without having the whole thing complete, you have nothing. Also, how old are you and how long have you been training, what are your goals and what are your future plans past your goals?


Then your genetics suck big time, go work hard.



I’m not hating on OP here at all but genetics is the most annoying topic in bodybuilding. It seems like a pre made excuse for anyone who can’t make it to the top. Are some people gifted in that department? Sure but to become elite they had to bust ass. It’s not like pro level bodybuilders were born that way.

And a lot of guys have been successful in numerous sports including bodybuilding that weren’t blessed by elite athlete genetic potential.

I’d agree and disagree.

I would say that no matter one’s genetics, you can make yourself fat, unhealthy, and unaesthetic. My father had phenomenal “genetics”, his father was a bodybuilder in the 30s and lived til 96, making his biceps dance for us up until he was 95. My father ate like crap and smoked like a chimney for years despite being a successful scientist, and had multiple heart attacks until he died when I was 23. He was 72. I fully believe he’d have had another 20+ years if he’d taken care of himself. Point being, you can override great genetics with a shitty lifestyle.
THAT BEING SAID- all things being equal, 100 kids lift for 1 year, the few genetically gifted children progress MINIMUM 2x as fast as all the others. If steroids never existed, the guys at the top would still be the guys at the top.

I think it would be impossible to quantify the 2x part but not worth discussing. I would agree that you’re going to have kids progress at faster rates.

If steroids didn’t exist and the guys at the top worked as hard then they would still be at the top. But genetics doesn’t get you to the top alone. Even the gifted aren’t elite without that. Diet, training, recovery need to be on point. They may have a larger margin for error but it’s still there.

But my main point was that genetics seems to be an excuse more often than not. A reason why someone can’t achieve. It’s like that saying hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

And especially if we are talking about the average joes of the world the message should be you need to bust your ass and take yourself as far as you can. I don’t know where worrying about genetics fits into that. Maybe if your goal is to be Mr. Olympia but even then we could find examples of bodybuilders who became say an IFBB pro that weren’t overly blessed in that department.

Not many people failed to become Mr Olympia just due to genetics.

Of course not but the arguments make more sense there. Looking at someone like Ronnie in his prime some elite bbers could probably be right in saying if he’s on his game I can’t beat him.

I think we pretty much agree here. For me, genetics is an excuse for 99.9% of the people who claim it. Only a very small fraction of trainees are being kept from their goals purely by genetics.

Ha! I wish I had that excuse for my lack of progress. I’m pretty much built for powerlifting and still fail to make significant progress

What does " genetics" even mean?

In this guys pictures he’s got some lats and width. But like Cam already mentioned, less meat around the lower back and not much traps.

Does that mean this guy is genetically doomed to be wide not thick, or that he should get on some rows and back raises, spending more time on what doesn’t come naturally?

Why so? Excuses add no value to your life. I highly recommend you avoid them.

So much this. Excuses are a crutch. A way to focus on the stuff you can’t control at the expense of the stuff you can.