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Back and Shoulders

What is everyone’s favorite exercises for building muscle in your back and shoulders?

I personally like doing pull ups (weighted and unweighted). I like using towels to build strength in my grip also.

For back, weighted Chins, renegade rows, bent over barbell rows, deadlifts. I also like kettlebell snatches and swing for the lower back. For shoulders: Military Press, sots press, seated press with legs in front of you no bench) see-saw press and push press with slow negative.

Mike Mahler

I’m doing and EDT cycle and I find that pullups worked great for my biceps and they work great for my back so I must say pull ups I know for a fact have visible difference on me.

Chin-up variations, high pulls, heavy rows, decline cable pull-overs.

I like to alternate chins and upright rows. The day after that I like to roll around in agony.

Old school–bent press and windmills, side and see-saw press. These all build both the back and shoulders at the same time, which is neat.

Bodyweight–pullups and variations. Incline pushups, handstand pushups.

Barbell–rows, deadlifts, snatch and clean and jerk. Military press is always a good selection for building the shoulders.

Dumbbell–as above.

Machine–why bother?

There are a ton of exercises out there.

Dan “Choices, Choices” McVicker

Shoulders: Push presses
Back: Pullups, Pulley using a straight bar to lower chest, Shrugs at the standing calves machine, Deadlift.