back and shoulders

Does anyone out there have any routines for the back and shoulders exclusively? I want to catch these areas up to what I believe is their true genetic potential. I’m just guessing really but I think the upper backs strength may lead to shoulder strength as well. I’m looking into it right now but any knowledge (from you) is very generous indeed.

Have you tried the T-mag archives? Lots of programs there. Try the “3-2-1 Shoulders” programs for delts. See FAQ for back programs.

Probably not a healthy focus, but deads, rows, pullups, and vert presses would probably do the trick.

And to what binder said, damn near a complete program.

chins (wide grip, med grip, sup grip) have made my lat width. deads are good for thickness. i find that rows of all sorts give me even more lat width and thickness, but i use them as the 2nd exercise behind chins. (deads are on hamstring day only, however they have added so much thickness to my rhomboids and traps that i havent had to directly work my traps, like shrugs or anything, in over a year.)