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Back and Shoulder Strength

I’ve heard of standards regarding strength such as: bench 2x bodyweight or squat 3x bodyweight,but has anyone heard any regarding backstrength or shoulder strength?

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Off the top of my head, here’s a bunch of individual lift standards that Dan John writes about:

The explanation:

The standards:

weighted pullup… bodyweight

Military Press 1.5-2x BW

Handstand Push-up on rings, Front Lever, Muscle-Up.

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I have checked out the Gold Standards. Thanks

Simple! If bench press should be 2x bodyweight and military press 70%(Poliquin) of bench press, 2*.7 =1.4. By definition the military press should be 1.4x bodyweight.

For the back poliquin as also said that chin-up strength should be around 4/5 of bench press strength.

P.s When you do chin-up you lift 94% of bodyweight.
94%bodyweight+additional load=83% of bench press

For row It is about the same, but if you want to be fanatic, you lift about 6% of your bodyweight when you row.

Also see that link by a pretty good coach Charlo Priliquin I think. Just kidding! Charles have always some good tips for you!

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